Engineering Students Courses 2019-2020 :

CETTM conducts the following certification courses for Engineering students and professionals aspiring to upgrade their skills.

Batch Size: 30 (Maximum), 15 (Minimum)

Course Fee for Students :

For 6 days course Rs.5,100/- + GST @18% per course per student
For 9 days course Rs.7,650/- + GST @18% per course per student

Other Professionals :

For 6 days course Rs.10,200/- + GST @18% per course per person
For 9 days course Rs.15,300/- + GST @18% per course per person

Course Fee includes lunch, tea & biscuits served twice with branded bottled water.

*Join with your College Group and Avail Incentive.

Get 10% discount on per student charges  for group size of 10 to 19 students. Also ONE College faculty can attend for free of charge

Get 15% discount on per student charges  for group size of 20 students or more. Also TWO college faculty can attend for free of charge

Contact: Sr. Manager (BD & PR), 5th FLOOR, CETTM, Technology Street
Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai- 400 076.
Phone: 022-25714580 
S/N   Name of the course*Course FeeSchedule
1    Certificate Course on Converged Communication
   (6 days)       For Course details Click Here

Batch No.1    10-06-19 To 15-06-19
Batch No.2   01-07-19 To 06-07-19

2    Certificate course on 3G UMTS Network
   (6 days)       For Course details Click Here

Batch No.1    10-06-19 To 15-06-19

Batch No. 2   24-06-19 To 29-06-19

3    Certificate course on MySQL and PHP Programming
   (9 days)       For Course details Click Here

 Batch No.1    13-06-19 To 22-06-19
 Batch No.2    24-06-19 To 03-07-19
4    Certificate course on Java Programming
   (6 days)       For Course details Click Here
Rs.5100 +GST

Batch No.1   10-06-19 To 15-06-19
Batch No.2   01-07-19 To 06-07-19

5    Certificate course on IP Networking
   (6 days)       For Course details Click Here
Rs.5100 +GST

Batch No.1    17-06-19 To 22-06-19
Batch No.2    08-07-19 To 15-07-19

6    Certificate course on OF Cables & Systems    
   (6 days)       For Course details Click Here
Rs.5100 +GST

Batch No.1    17-06-19 To 22-06-19
Batch No.2    08-07-19 To 15-07-19


Note:Batch may be cancelled in case of less nominations received ,in such case

        candidate will be  allowed to switchover to another course.

*  GST @18% applicable

1 Certificate Course on Converged Communication PSTN Overview, Signalling in Telecom, Mobile Technology Overview, Transport_in_Telecom, WDM basics and Optical Fiber System, OFC splicing and measurement, FTTH Technology, IP Technology familiarisation, Broadband Architecture, MPLS Technology and Next Generation Networks.
2 Certificate course on 3G UMTS Network The driving forces, requirements and goals of UMTS, GSM (2G) Fundamentals, Evolution from GSM/GPRS to UMTS, UMTS Network Architecture, WCDMA Principles, The Radio Access Network and Core Network, Mobility Management in 3G, Security Management in 3G, Services in UMTS networks, Future Trends in Wireless.
3 Certificate course on MySQL and PHP Programming Installation of My SQL, Creating Database, Tables, and Indexes, Inserting, Deleting and Updating Data Querying My SQL, My SQL's Table Types, Managing User Privileges, Configuring My SQL, Backup and Disaster Recovery, PHP Variables and Expressions in PHP, PHP Operators, PHP Flow Control, PHP Arrays, File and Directory Access Using PHP, Managing PHP Debugging, My SQL with PHP.
4 Certificate course on IP Networking Protocols (TCP, IP, ICMP, ARP, DHCP), IP Sub-netting and VLSM, LAN, WAN, Ethernet, Switching, VLAN, IP Routing, Routing Protocols (RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP)
5 Certificate course on Java Programming Introduction to java, installation, system setting. Data types, Variables, flow control. Java class, method, object, constructor, access control. Java Inheritance, Package Management and Interfaces. Java Exception Handling. Java Library, String methods, simple Type wrappers. Java I/O. Java Applets and Event Handling. Servlet Programming overview.
6 Certificate course on OF Cables & Systems Optical Fibre Construction, Classification, Couplers and Connectors, Splicing Techniques, Testing and Measuring Instruments, FTTX, PCM Principle, PDH Hierarchy, PDH Trans Systems, SDH Concepts, SDH architecture, SDH Topologies, Protection and Restoration Techniques, DWDM Concepts and Architecture.


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Name of the Institute and Address

Center for Excellence in Telecom Technology and Management (CETTM),
Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.,
O/o SM BDPR, 5th Floor, Technology Street,
Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai – 400076
(Near to Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital)
(Nearest bus stop Bayer House)

How to get enrolled?

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1) Candidates are required to download and fill the enrollment form (in duplicate)
2) Candidate is required to submit the enrollment form, make the payment and get registered at CETTM before the commencement of the enrolled course

Documents Required

1) Copy of the current college ID card
2) Two photographs



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